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Hiroaki Koshiba - Recorded in Columbia [JAM-026]

Published January 6, 2006

Run time 24:28


On December 24, 2005, 26-year-old Japanese painter Hiroaki Koshiba began a two-week, self-financed visit to Columbia, Missouri from his home city of Yokohama, Japan. This was Hiro's first time to the United States, and the small college town of Columbia was the only stop on his trip. Hiro, a Kandinsky-influenced painter who specializes in what he calls 'sound images', came to town to perform a series of live collaborations with local psych-folk group Jerusalem and the Star Baskets. Over the course of five shows, Jerusalem and the Star Baskets and their musical guests provided the sounds, and Hiro interpreted them onto a canvas.

As an aside to his painting and performance, Hiro is also an accomplished singer and songwriter. As the title implies, Recorded in Columbia was recorded at the Columbia home of Channing Kennedy, Hiro's friend and collaborator, during the visit. The songs include originals and covers, along with guest spots by Channing and Hiro's brother Takaaki (via a prerecorded video).

Each CD in the run of 20 was customized by Hiro's watercolors, and were made available at the final show in the JatSB series, at which Hiro and the Star Baskets performed a few of the songs live.

Hiroaki Koshiba
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Reviewer: squirrel99 - - January 5, 2009
Subject: Hiroaki Koshiba - Recorded in Columbia
The acoustic tracks here are pretty good but the inclusion on "Tomarrow Never Knows" breaks the flow and sounds like bad karioke to me. The recording is indeed very rough.
Reviewer: Jim Heriford - - September 5, 2007
Subject: Shades Of Beatles
As I listened to this music I was moved by the fact that I was hearing some original music that had shades of Beatles in the compositions. I must say, although it was a very rough recording, it had all the shades of being a beatles "type" of sound. Very, Very good music!

Jim heriford
The Missing Link